We are an employee-owned boutique wealth
management and investment firm based
in the heart of  South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

With a 40-years tried and true dividend growth philosophy and diverse, well-seasoned talent, we deliver personalized investment strategies and comprehensive wealth management. We bring clarity, simplicity, and devotion to our work, helping successful families, advisors, and institutions set and achieve their financial goals, so they may preserve what is meaningful to them, their families and their communities.

Our Philosophy

Dividend Assets Capital was founded on the belief that companies that declare dividends and increase those dividends substantially and consistently, year after year, tend to perform uncommonly well for reasons beyond dividends alone.

Our time-tested philosophy is simple – invest in the best performing companies — those with DIVIDEND GROWTH of DOUBLE DIGITS for a DECADE OR MORE. We have remained steadfast in adhering to this philosophy, which has provided our clients with positive, repeatable results that withstand the volatility of the stock market and strengthen their investment outcomes.


We draw on our legacy of success as we collaborate with successful individuals and families, financial advisors and institutional clients, to simplify the complexities of wealth management. Our boutique-sized firm allows us to take a highly personalized approach to serving our clients, fostering open communication and peace of mind. 

We regard the task of managing one’s wealth as a privilege, and we are proud to build multigenerational, philanthropic and institutional relationships based on transparency, trust and respect.