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DAC | Clarity | Power | Simplicity

Dividend Assets Capital:
Clarity. Power. Simplicity.

Dividend Assets Capital:
Clarity. Power. Simplicity.

Clarity: In regard to managing client portfolios, our approach is straightforward: time-tested and transparent approach for its management of client portfolios.

Power: We build confidence through a disciplined process and strong devotion to our investment philosophy.

Simplicity: It’s simple. We believe dividends are the best indicator of the future price performance of a stock.


Our team of trusted advisors has 24 years average experience, spanning over four decades.

Our team of trusted advisors has 24 years average experience, spanning over four decades.

DAC is 100% employee-owned and we all agree that the family-oriented firm culture is one sought by many in this industry. The DAC team shares an appreciation for the simple, easy-to-understand strategies we offer our clients.

The variety of perspectives and career horizons working together at DAC spans three generations. What we see, think and do is beyond the ability of any one point of view.


Devotion to our investment philosophy is what makes us different.

Devotion to our investment philosophy is what makes us different.

The core of our philosophy is this:
Companies that declare dividends and increase those dividends substantially and consistently, year after year, tend to perform uncommonly well; for reasons beyond dividends alone.

In order to be considered for our investment portfolios, a company must grow its dividend. It must continue to raise its dividend to remain in our investible universe.


The Institutional Investor

The goals and investment policies of many institutional investors are served well by DAC’s focus, consistency, transparency, and soundness of philosophy, as well as our reliable infrastructure and processes.


The Private Investor

The objectives of private investors are often met by the positive, overall performance of consistently paying dividends. We tailor portfolios to our clients’ desires for wealth preservation, capital appreciation, and legacy.


The Financial Advisor

Many professional financial advisors find DAC to be a sound component in clients’ portfolios and a supportive resource in formulating strategies to achieve their clients’ aims and aspirations.



We’re not in it for the short-term. For a company to be considered, it must have moved in a positive direction for at least a full decade. Rising dividends are an insight into overall health.


First and foremost, all of the companies that we consider investing in should be gaining value by moving in a positive (upwards) direction in terms of revenues and earnings thereby gaining value.


In addition to long-term positive growth, a company must also generate increasing dividends for its shareholders. And it must do this on a consistent basis for at least a decade.


A company must grow its dividend consistently for a decade to be considered for our investment portfolios. It must also continue to raise its dividends to remain in our portfolios.


The common stocks of the companies in which DAC invests grew their dividends at an average rate of 18.4% in 2011, and their 10-year average was 20.3%. Investment results are determined by time, not by amount invested.

Critical Role

Energy MLPs play a critical role in providing energy to the U.S. because they own the networks of storage facilities and pipelines used to transport that energy from the refineries to the consumer.

Core Strategies

The bases for customized portfolios

Master Limited Partnership

Equity Strategy

Equity Income Strategy


Investments for our MLP Portfolios are generally Midstream Energy MLPs, offering the potential for greater diversification in an overall investment strategy than in traditional stocks and bonds. In selecting MLPs, we assess the growth of the distributions, geographic footprint, credit quality, the fundamentals of the business, and the value a business places on security.

Equity Strategy

Investments for our Equity Portfolios are selected across many industries and sectors, favoring companies in a growing global economy. While the majority are large companies, we also offer diversification among small and midsize companies. Each portfolio is constructed to help meet your objectives, which may include greater income, tax consideration, and risk tolerance.

Equity Income Strategy

Investments for our Equity Income Portfolios are selected across many industries and sectors, including Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) that offer investors the potential for higher income, distribution growth, and capital appreciation than traditional sources during environments with challenging yields. Each portfolio is constructed to help meet your objectives, which may include asset growth, greater income, tax considerations, and risk tolerance.

The Power Of Dividends

Dividend-paying stocks remain attractive with relatively low dividend tax rates, especially in today’s low interest environment. Through nearly every tax cycle, these stocks have generated stronger returns than the non-dividend payers in the S&P 500 Index.

non-dividend paying stocks - 2.9% return since 1972
dividend-paying stocks with no change in dividends - 7.2% return since 1972
dividend growers - 10% return since 1972 (as of December 31, 2019)
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Behind Our Strategy