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Our confidence in the long-term power of sustainable and increasing equity income drives our security selection process, portfolio management discipline and ultimately, our clients’ success. Simply put, “Good companies pay dividends, great companies grow dividends.”

— Troy Shaver, CEO, DAC Co-founder

At Dividend Assets Capital, we bring clarity, simplicity, and devotion to our work, helping successful families, advisors, and institutions set and achieve their financial goals, so they may preserve what is meaningful to them, their families and their communities. 

We are always looking for financial professionals who share our goals and values. If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the form below and include your resume.  

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About Dividend Assets Capital

Dividend Assets Capital, LLC (DAC) is a 100% employee owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). As one of the largest advisory firms in South Carolina, we provide wealth management advice and manage investable assets for successful families, individuals, institutions, and investment advisors who seek equity investments that aim to provide sustainable and rising income with long-term capital appreciation. Our purpose is to provide peace, comfort, and security for our clients through access to wealth services delivered clearly and simply.



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