Dividend Assets Capital’s James Haley Speaks at Siena College Business Lecture Series

We’re pleased to share that James Haley, our Chief Executive Officer and director of Private Client Group, recently participated in the Siena College School of Business Lecture Series. The event occurred at the Key Auditorium, Siena College, on November 13th. Download THe Flyer Here.

James, a Siena College alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, has accumulated over two decades of experience in the financial sector. He brought this experience to the lecture series, sharing insights on various topics relevant to the financial services industry.

His discussion focused on current trends in wealth management and the evolving strategies in fixed income and equity investment. James also touched upon effective wealth planning techniques. His practical and insightful talk aimed to educate and inspire students and attendees, offering a glimpse into the complexities and dynamics of the financial industry.

At Dividend Assets Capital, we value the opportunity to engage with educational institutions and support the learning process for future professionals. James Haley’s participation in this lecture series reflects our commitment to contributing positively to the broader community and fostering educational growth.

For more information about James Haley and his role at Dividend Assets Capital, please visit James Haley’s Profile.