Many professional Advisors find Dividend Assets Capital to be a sound component of an investment plan and a supportive resource in formulating strategies to achieve their clients’ aims and aspirations. Our flexible, concentrated strategies are structured to enhance total return and meet the unique liquidity, security and tax management needs of an investor.

We work closely with Advisors to understand the needs and goals of their clients, help construct tailored investment portfolios to achieve their objectives, and provide ongoing monitoring and support while holding ourselves accountable to our commitments. We have been told by Advisors that they work with DAC because of our focus on building partnerships and dedication to enhancing their business.

Many Advisors find that the balance of overall return with reduced volatility make a DAC strategy one of the key components of their asset management recommendations.

Whether you are a Financial Advisor serving the needs of individual investors, a multigenerational family office building legacies or a growing national foundation, we endeavor to become a trusted partner and an extension of your investment management capability so you can have more time to actively manage your client relationships and grow your business.

Partnering with

Relationships with professional financial advisors are at the core of our institutional asset management business. We have a dedicated Portfolio and Relationship Management team devoted to improving your client investment outcomes and enhancing your business results. Additionally, our Investment Committee and Research Professionals provide continual market and portfolio monitoring through weekly meetings, impromptu interactions and ongoing communication. Finally, our Chief Compliance Officer ensures we adhere to strict fiduciary standards. 

We are not only devoted to our investment philosophy and disciplined process, but to the notion that if we can help you succeed, you will reward us in return.

Our commitments to you include:

  • Specialized and flexible asset management solutions aligned with your client needs
  • Strict adherence to fiduciary principals
  • Real-time access to Portfolio Managers and investment leadership
  • Market intelligence and practice management assistance
  • Client account and operational support
  • Audited GIPS® compliant performance reports
  • Relationships with top custodians and managed account platforms
  • Independence: as an employee-owned organization, our success depends on your success


DAC strategies can help achieve a variety of investor goals, desires and time horizons. Offered exclusively through a Separately Managed Account structure, our investment programs have the flexibility to meet specific security, risk tolerance, liquidity and/or tax management objectives. Informed by your guidance, we develop and maintain portfolios through routine dialogue and interactions with you. Whether you are managing retirement, Trust & Estate, Partnership and Custodial accounts or investments for other financial needs, our specialization in equity income solutions can provide both potential increasing income and asset growth.


The goals and investment policies of many institutional investors are served well by Dividends Assets Capital’s focus, consistency, transparency, and soundness of philosophy, as well as our reliable infrastructure and processes.

Our devotion to DAC’s original investment philosophy and the value it tends to reveal are backed by three generations of experience in the markets and the perspective that those various career horizons reveal.

Systems and infrastructure are carefully curated to make our brand of success repeatable. They enable us to focus, communicate, and serve the demanding environment of corporations, employee retirement plans, endowments, foundations, wealth management platforms, and all kinds of institutional investment policies.



To learn more about how we partner with financial professionals and institutional investors, please contact:

William Ford, CFP®
Director Institutional Asset Management Group