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The Private Investor

The objectives of private investors are often supported by the positive overall performance of consistently paying dividends. We tailor portfolios to our clients’ desires for wealth preservation, capital appreciation, and legacy.

Understanding the particular aims and desires of the private investor calls for a cycle rather than an event. We engage in dialogue to define and articulate the investor’s own unique goals, then we research carefully to develop an asset allocation that is responsive to those goals.

Even after implementing those recommendations, Dividend Assets Capital’s portfolio managers continue to monitor and adjust portfolios always with transparent and frequent communication.

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The Institutional Investor

The goals and investment policies of many institutional investors are served well by Dividends Assets Capital’s focus, consistency, transparency, and soundness of philosophy, as well as our reliable infrastructure and processes.

Our devotion to DAC’s original investment philosophy and the value it tends to reveal are backed by three generations of experience in the markets and the perspective that those various career horizons reveal.

Systems and infrastructure are carefully curated to make our brand of success repeatable. They enable us to focus, communicate, and serve the demanding environment of corporations, employee retirement plans, endowments, foundations, wealth management platforms, and all kinds of institutional investment policies.

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