At the Intersection
of Wall Street and
Main Street

In 2003, two Wall Street veterans became neighbors on Spring Island in the heart of the Lowcountry, and quietly brought under one roof some of the most historically recognized and impactful philosophies in the world of investment management.

Tom Cameron, widely known as “the Grandfather of Dividend Growth Investing”, and his Partner, Troy Shaver, developer of the “Double Digits for a Decade or More” (3D) Dividend Growth Philosophy, founded Dividend Assets Capital in 2003 on a commitment to delivering these proven philosophies with a friends and family approach.

Today, we’re as committed as day one to our philosophy and to the Friends and Family we serve from generation to generation.

When you contact DAC, you do so with the confidence in the 40+ years of industry-influencing expertise which launched and sustained the success of the firm. Now nearing 20 years of investing in our local community, we have secured an additional combined century of business acumen in our portfolio of progressive professionals. DAC’s influence is trusted by global investors and market leaders in part due to our track record of outperforming competitive funds.

While we are committed to strengthening our heritage, we are devoted to advancing our potential – borrowing from and building on the legacy of our Founders as we move forward in serving the next generation through acquisitions of an impressive portfolio of talent. We are continuously pursuing new opportunities in an ever-changing market, such as branching out into ESG investing where socially conscious clients have greater opportunities to “put your money where your value is.”

Offering national connections with local accessibility, we’re the firm that Wall Street calls, but our priority is you.

3D Dividend
Growth Philosophy

No matter how good the analysis and forecasting or how attractive an investment looks on paper, it can’t compare to an investment that performs in the real world. It’s the difference between concept and reality. Our three-dimensional approach to investing provides a more dependable, repeatable pattern of performance and return.

For a company to be considered for our investment portfolios, it must have a proven track record of:


Dividend Growth

A company must grow and raise its dividend, showing consistency in generating increasing dividends for its shareholders.


Double Digits

We invest consistently and exclusively in companies that are gaining value and moving in a positive direction in terms of revenues and earnings measurable by at least 10%.


Decade or More

Our investments must have a performance rate moving in a double-digits positive direction for at least 10 years.

Our Philosophy of

Dividend Growth


Double Digits

for a

Decade or More

is a pre-requisite for our
portfolio of companies and
a safeguard for our clients

Our confidence in the long-term power of sustainable and increasing equity income drives our security selection process, portfolio management discipline and ultimately, our clients’ success. Simply put, “Good companies pay dividends, great companies grow dividends.”

— Troy Shaver, CEO, DAC Co-founder