Financial Professionals

Many professional Advisors find Dividend Assets Capital to be a sound component of an investment plan and a supportive resource in formulating strategies to achieve their clients’ aims and aspirations.

We work closely with Advisors to understand the needs and goals of their clients, help construct tailored investment portfolios to achieve their objectives, and provide ongoing monitoring and support while holding ourselves accountable to our commitments. We have been told by Advisors that they work with DAC because of our focus on building partnerships and dedication to enhancing their business.

Many Advisors find that the balance of overall return with reduced volatility make a DAC strategy one of the key components of their asset management recommendations.

Our value proposition can be summarized this way:

  • We are a boutique, privately held asset manager with easy access to our people and dedicated relationship support for Advisors and their client investments.
  • We offer flexible, concentrated strategies structured to enhance total return and meet the unique liquidity, security and tax management needs of an investor.
  • We are your partner… we work diligently to cultivate mutually rewarding, long-term relationships with professional Advisors.

Behind Our Strategies

  • Susie Wang

    “Getting the most of a dividend-driven investment strategy requires looking beyond stocks with the highest yields, which could be a value trap.   Additionally, dividend cuts are rarely a one-time phenomenon; dividend increase with sustainable power and long-term record are key.”

    Susie Wang
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Tom Cameron

    "The market goes up and down over time.  Our clients’ dividends are going up every single year.  We make sure our clients continue to feel comfortable in a changing world."

    Tom Cameron
    Retired Chairman
  • Jim Haley

    "A company must grow its dividend consistently for a decade to be considered for our investment portfolios an must continue to raise its dividend to remain in our investible universe.Long-term performance. Increasing value. Income generation. That's the three-dimensional wealth management."

    Jim Haley
    Managing Director, Private Client Group
  • Troy Shaver

    "We believe that dividends are the best indicator of the future price performance of a stock. Dividends are paid when there are attractive earnings. When dividends are paid consistently and at an increasing rate over the long-term, this is likely to exert a positive movement of price performance."

    Troy Shaver
    Chief Executive Officer

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