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We strive for a straightforward and transparent approach with our philosophy, process, communication, and performance statements. We encourage close, personal relationships with our clients, and we believe that you should have direct access to both your DAC team and your portfolio. We do not use a call center or complex routing system, and we answer calls personally. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, we will work with you to get you the answers and resolutions you need.


Wisdom, earned through experience.

We are a team of investment professionals whose experience managing client portfolios spans nearly six decades. Our collective experience has given us the perspective to anticipate, not react to, market change and fluctuation. The knowledge gained through years of experience fuels our dedication to dividend-focused investing, as well as the objectives and financial needs of our clients.

Dividend Assets Capital is an asset management firm regarded for its diverse talent and consistent investment philosophy.

We offer insight and distinctly clear investment strategies.

We enable our clients to achieve their goals and desires by bringing clarity out of complexity. The devotion we apply to our investment philosophy distinguishes DAC from alternative resources.

Devotion to Philosophy


Dividend Assets Capital was founded on our confidence in the long-term power of accumulating and increasing dividends. It is this philosophy that drives our portfolio managers’ discipline regarding stock selection, and it is this philosophy that has earned us and, most importantly, our clients success.

The discipline to heed our investment philosophy consistently is one of DAC’s most characteristic traits — and one of the most rewarding. Our record of results over time, as well as our relative performance during adverse economic cycles, testifies to the wisdom of adhering to our principles. Short-term advantage is weighed against this record, and the record usually wins.

 Dividends as Indicators

What evidence supports our philosophy that consistent and growing dividends indicate other strengths about a company?