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We believe companies that declare dividends and increase those dividends substantially and consistently, year after year, tend to perform uncommonly well for reasons beyond dividends alone.

Our Philosophy

Three-dimensional asset management: Direction. Distance. Dividends.

No matter how good the analysis and forecasting or how attractive an investment looks on paper, it can’t compare to an investment that performs in the real world. It’s the difference between concept and reality. That’s why, at DAC, we like to say that we have a three-dimensional approach to the investments we choose. 


First and foremost, all of the companies we consider investing in should be gaining value by moving in a positive direction in terms of revenues and earnings.


We’re not in it for the short-term. Having proven results is a must. For a company to be considered, it must have moved in a positive direction for at least a full decade.


In addition to long-term positive growth, a company must also generate increasing dividends for its shareholders on a consistent basis for at least a decade.

A company must grow its dividend consistently for a decade to be considered for our investment portfolios and must continue to raise its dividend to remain in our portfolios.
Direction. Distance. Dividends. That’s three-dimensional wealth management.