Private Wealth Carolinas Forum

Jim Haley, CEO of Dividend Assets Capital and Director of The Private Client Group, was a speaker and moderator of a panel at the 2023 Private Wealth Carolinas Forum, the leading conference for family offices, RIAs, and private banks from throughout the region. Jim and other industry thought leaders covered asset allocation and protection, equity markets, fixed income, alternative investments, as well as succession planning and an outlook of the financial markets and the global economy.

This conference brought together the top financial professionals in the Carolinas to discuss a variety of important topics. Jim’s participation in this forum further establishes his position as a thought leader in the financial industry. His insights and experience were highly sought after, particularly in the areas of asset allocation and protection and succession planning.

Jim’s expertise in managing and growing wealth was highly beneficial to the attendees of the Private Wealth Carolinas Forum. As a CEO and Director, he has a profound understanding of the strategies and tactics necessary to protect and grow wealth in today’s complex financial landscape.

In addition to discussing asset allocation and protection, the panel on which Jim participated also covered the current state of equity and fixed income markets, alternative investments, and the global economic outlook. These topics are especially relevant today as investors navigate the challenges presented by a shifting economic environment.

Jim is a strong advocate for comprehensive planning, including succession planning, which is an often overlooked but critical aspect of wealth management. He believes that proper succession planning can ensure continuity and stability, and can help to preserve and grow wealth for future generations.

Overall, the Private Wealth Carolinas Forum was a successful gathering of financial experts and industry leaders. Jim’s participation no doubt provided valuable insights and strategies for the attendees, further cementing his position as a leader in the financial services industry. The knowledge shared at this forum will no doubt help to shape the future of wealth management in the Carolinas and beyond.