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DAC Insights

  • DAC Insights: Midterm Elections 2022… Politics of Investing

    History shows that the months leading up to midterm elections tend to experience higher volatility and lower returns compared to non-midterm election years. Our latest DAC Insights explores this and other market tendencies surrounding midterm election years…

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  • DAC Insights: Lithium… The New Gold Rush

    Lithium production increased globally by 21% in 2021 to approximately 100,000 tons. Our latest DAC Insights explores how supply and demand factors will influence the Lithium market in the coming years…

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Energy Outlook

  • Energy Investor Monthly – January 2023

    While gasoline is the primary end product for most refineries, distillates still make up an important part of their total output – and profitability. This month we explore how the lowering inventory of distillates is impacting the current dynamics and outlook for the energy market…

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  • Energy Investor Monthly – November 2022

    With the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (“SPR”) in the news these days, our November Energy Investor Monthly provides some insights and a little history about this complex of storage locations that stockpiles our country’s emergency oil reserves. We also review key metrics that we regularly track, including production, inventory and refinery rates. This publication is designed to help you with a general update on the current energy environment…

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Informed Dividend Investors

  • Informed Dividend Investors – Q3 2022

    This quarter’s Informed Dividend Investors publication revisits how DAC’s 3-D process… “Double digit, Dividend Growth for a Decade or More” has and continues to deliver both long term capital appreciation AND portfolio income appreciation…

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  • Informed Dividend Investors – Q2 2022

    Check out our updated Informed Dividend Investors publication to find out how a higher dividend yield may not be an attractive investment factor and what dividends are telling us about the various sectors of the market…

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  • Marc Saurborn, CFA® promoted to Chief Investment Officer

    Dividend Assets Capital, LLC is pleased to announce that Marc Saurborn, CFA® has been promoted to the role of Chief Investment Officer.

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  • DAC is pleased to announce the addition of new members to our Board of Directors

    Dividend Assets Capital, LLC has attracted two talented professionals, Howard Caplan and Jonathan Hook, to join our board. They will help guide our organization as we enter our third decade of business and continue to grow.

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Quarterly Market Commentary

  • Quarterly Commentary: September 2022

    BRAKING OR BREAKING, WHAT IS THE FED DOING TO THE U.S. ECONOMY? After a promising start that began with a relief rally, global markets continued their year-to-date declines during the 3rd quarter as record inflation, geopolitical tensions, lingering effects from the pandemic, and, most importantly, fears that an aggressive Federal Reserve would push the U.S. economy into recession weighed heavily on the broader markets.

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  • Quarterly Commentary: June 2022

    The S&P 500 realized its worst first half performance since 1970. The 2nd quarter of 2022 proved to be especially unkind to equity investors as not even one of the eleven S&P 500 sectors were able to post positive results. Investors faced record high inflation, increased interest rates from the Federal Reserve, fears of a recession and geopolitical uncertainty caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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