Howard L. Kaplan

Chairman of the Board, DACH

Howard Kaplan, a distinguished professional with over three decades of expertise, is an authority
in private and employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)-owned companies, with an emphasis on
board governance and fiduciary matters.

As the CEO and founder of Kaplan Fiduciary Group, a nationally renowned consulting firm, Kaplan is resolute in his commitment to enhancing the fiduciary and governance performance of boards, management teams, and the fiduciary duties of private and employee-owned companies. His exceptional leadership has earned him positions on five private corporate boards, where he serves as chair of multiple executive compensation, governance, and nominating committees.

Prior to establishing Kaplan Fiduciary, Kaplan spearheaded fiduciary practice teams at top-tier trust companies. A sought-after speaker, he frequently shares his vast knowledge on board governance, ESOP trusteeship, and fiduciary subjects at industry association meetings. Additionally, he is a regular guest lecturer at the UC Sand Diego’s Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management and Kent State’s Ohio Employee Ownership Center, underscoring his dedication to fostering education and professional growth.

Howard Kaplan is a long term member of both the ESOP Association and the National Center for Employee Ownership. He further demonstrates his commitment by actively participating in multiple association advisory committees. Kaplan’s expertise has also led him to serve as the fiduciary process expert in seven federal court lawsuits, solidifying his reputation as an industry- leading authority.